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Prince William Sound, Alaska

The 1st of June, the date that since 2020 we claimed was going to be our departure date, the car papers arrived! We could finally get the car plate, stock ourselves with food, sleeping bags and tents and get going. The feeling of finally be “rolling” was spectacular.


Rumbo a Alaska

Hola a [email protected] ¡Ya estamos en Alaska! Más precisamente en un pueblito llamado Girdwood a 75km de Anchorage, la ciudad más grande de aquí. Si, estamos en esa cabaña azul que ven en la foto a la izquierda, en medio del bosque. Para llegar desde San Francisco, tuvimos...


Alarming Arctic Heatwave Continues.

Alarming Artic Heatwave Continues. Climate is not defined by the temperatures of one day. Yet the overwhelming Arctic warmth is far more profound than we believed and has been persistent for months. This is crazy and unusual, scientists say they would expect to...


Trip Postponement

Trip Postponement. Dear friends, for obvious reasons our trip has to be postponed. But we are not canceling it, we just changed our starting date for MAY 2021. The coronavirus pandemic will not cancel our project, because climate change has not stopped because of...